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Access and Functional Needs Emergency Registry Websites

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These are examples of the variety of registries used in emergency management; links are provided to some of the existing registries, so you can see the variation. Listing here is not an endorsement. You are encouraged to provide additional sites. Please include “Registry feedback” in the subject line of your message to 

In addition to looking at the registries listed below, also look at Smart 911 and SmartPrepare, and the white paper Whole Community Assessment & Its Impact on Emergency Preparedness  This commercial product is operational in more than 32 states, and may already cover more jurisdictions than all of the special needs registries combined.  Technology driven systems like Smart911 and SmartPrepare assume the functions of a registry, but instead of registering people, they register the phones of anyone creating a safety profile. This approach is available to anyone in the community, with no need to segregate individuals based on perceived “special needs”. The user created safety profile is available to public 911emergency call center personnel when the registered phone calls 911. This system can also collect data on resources available in the community; e.g. an individual creating a personal safety profile could include skills or tools they were willing to volunteer in an emergency.


State, County, and City Emergency Registries

Broward County Vulnerable Population Special Needs Registry


Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, PA Registry


Chicago Emergency Assistance Registry for People with Disabilities or Special Needs

Voluntary Self-Identification Form


Dane County, WI Disaster Assistance Voluntary Registry


Delaware State Emergency Preparedness Voluntary Registry


Douglas County, CO Special Needs Registry


Fairfax County, VA Special Needs Registry


Hampton Roads, VA  Ready Hampton Roads Functional/Medical Needs Planning Registry


Houston, TX Transportation Assistance Registry


Jackson County, OR Disaster Registry


Johnson County, IA Special Needs Registry


Linn County, IA Special Needs Registration


Los Angeles County Specific Needs Disaster Registry

Manatee County, FL Special Needs Registry

Monmouth County, NJ (refers to the NJ state registry)


Nebraska Emergency Management Special Needs Registry


New Jersey Special Needs Registry for Disasters   

New Orleans, LA Special Needs Registry   

North Dakota Special Needs Registry  

Orange County, NC Special Needs Registry   

Portland, OR and Multnomah County Public Alerts and Additional Needs Registry


Rhode Island Special Needs Emergency Registry


St. Louis, MO Functional Needs Registry


Suffolk County, NY Emergency Preparedness Registry

State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR)

Utah Special Needs Registry


Westchester County, NY Special Needs Registry


Worcester, MA Voluntary Emergency Preparedness Registry



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