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June Isaacson Kailes

Disability Policy Consultant

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June Isaacson Kailes (www.jik.com) owns a disability policy consulting practice and is a pioneer, leader, and innovator in health care, emergency management, aging with disability, stakeholder engagement, and hospitality. The breadth and depth of her experience in disability, accessibility, and functional needs issues are widely known and respected as a writer, trainer, researcher, policy analyst, subject matter expert, and advocate.

June concentrates on replacing the ambiguous aspects of disability etiquette, sensitivity, awareness, and legal compliance with maximum impact, practices, and measurable skill sets. June works with clients to build critical disability competencies and capabilities. She translates the laws and regulations into clear, actionable, detailed, and sustainable building blocks and tools that close service gaps, prevent civil rights violations, remove barriers, inequities and disparities.June uses the “how, who, what, where, when, and why, to get physical, programmatic, communication, and equipment access right!

June has the unique ability to blend and bridge two worlds: disability user experiences with health and emergency services experiences. Her clients include local, state, federal and international governments, disability-led, disability-focused, community-based organizations, emergency management and health care consultants, health facilities (plans, clinics, medical centers, systems), legal services, colleges, and universities, accrediting organizations, research and training centers and grant makers. June is the recipient of many honors and awards, has delivered hundreds of keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars, and has over 200 publications.

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