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Health Focused Selected Workshops, Presentations and Courses

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Disability Competent Services: Communication Access, Health Net Cultural and linguistic Services, Glendale, California, 12/9/15 

Disability Competent Services

Why the Current Health Care System Fails People with Disabilities – Keynote Making the Connection: Working Together to Create Health Care that Serves People with Disabilities- Washington DC 10/12/11, Sponsored by Department of Health and Human Services

Ensuring Effective Health Care for Seniors & People with Disabilities: Strategies for MMCOs & Provider:
For the California Department of Health Care Services, Sacramento 10/14/10
For Medical Managed Care Organizations: 

Just Hop Up, Look Here, Listen Up, Stay Still and Hold Your Breath!  Access to Medical Equipment - Where are We?

Health IT – Cool Tools or More Barriers for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research Stakeholders Forum on Accessible Health Information Technology for People with Disabilities, Washington, DC 3/26/10


Customize Your Customer Service: Welcoming People with Disabilities, L.A. Care, Los Angeles, CA  9/11/08.

Life in the War Zone – Seeking Safe, Accessible, Effective, & Equivalent Health Care! Independent Medical Co-Op (IMCO),  Orlando, FL.  5/5/08.

Avoiding Killer Curbs By Building In Electronic Curb Cuts From The Beginning (Understanding the importance of electronic personal health records  for persons with disabilities to access health services.) American Public Health Association 2007 Annual Convention Special Invited Session: The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Improve the Health and Wellness of Persons with Disabilities: A Role for Health Informatics – Personal and Electronic Health Records, with Margaret Giannini, MD, FAAP , Saul Rosenberg, PhD,  Brenda A. Leath, MHSA, 11/5/07 Washington, DC.

Accessible Medical Equipment Survey Process, Sutter Health - California 10/11/07.

Reflections On Taking Charge – Consumer Empowerment
, Long Term Care Coalition San Diego, CA 9/12/07.

Accessibility of Medical Equipment, Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging and Technology, Toronto, Canada. 6/18/07.

E-Health – Cool Tools or More Barriers for People with Disabilities and Activity Limitations, Pacific Edge E-Health Innovations: Linking Research, Practice and Policy to Benefit Consumers & Communities, Kay Center – CGU Symposium, Pomona, California, 12/1-2/06.

Development of a Preventive Services Guide for Adults with Physical Disabilities Using Participatory Action Research,  American Public Health Association, 134th Annual Meeting Boston, MA. 11/6/06.

Quality Services for People with Disabilities & Activity Limitations

Strategies for Aging - What’s Worked?

People with Disabilities: Awareness & Business Implications, L.A. Care, Los Angeles, California, 1/19-20/06

Accessibility Revisited: Policy-to-Practice, CARF’s Business Practice Standards and “Hot Topics” Workshop Scottsdale, Arizona, December 5, 2005 & December 8, 2003.

Understanding Accessibility Elements of Facility Site Reviews

Developing Elements of Disability Literacy and Competency in Health Care Practice, L.A. Care, Los Angeles California, 9/6/05.

Barriers to Effective Health Care for People with Disabilities, California Medical Board, Los Angeles, California, with Brenda Premo, 2/17/05.

Should We Mop The Floor, Or Fix The Roof?  Public Policy and Health Research: What is our role
? Occupational Therapy Association of California, 28th Annual Conference, Pasadena, CA, with Brenda Premo, Erin Schwier & Brandi Buchanan, 11/6/04 .

How To Keep Running When There are No Trade-ins & Few Replacement Parts!  Partners on Wellness: Working Together to Promote Equality in Health Care for Women with Disabilities - Women with Disabilities Health Care Task Force, NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities, Statewide Conference, Princeton, NJ, May 2004.

Making Managed Care Work For People With Disabilities,

Developing Elements of Disability Competency in Health Care Practice: Policy-to-Practice, Kaiser Permanente California Regional Offices, Pasadena and Oakland, California, 2003: July - August, February 2004.

Developing Elements of Disability Competency in Health Care Practice, Inland Empire Health Plan, San Bernardino, California, January 2004.

Can Health and Disability Coexist? Select Summit on Disability and Health: A Call to Action, Des Moines, IA, November 2003.

Disability Issues and Manages Care,
RESPECTABILITY, Disability Action & Advocacy Conference: Future of Disability Movement, Los Angeles, CA, October 2003.

Developing a Communications Plan to Promote Osteoporosis Awareness -- Reaching the Harder to Reach Populations,
National Osteoporosis Awareness Project, Oakland, CA. September 2003 with:

Identifying Future Directions for Health and Wellness for Persons with Disabilities
: NCIL Annual Conference, Washington, DC.with Tom Seekins, Ph.D., and Glen W. White, Ph.D.June 2003

Helping People with Disabilities Take Charge of Their Health Care

The Intersection of Aging and Disability: Implications for Funders at Grantmakers In Aging Annual Conference, The Changing Face of America: Aging Realities in the 21st , October 2002,  with Jeanne Argoff, Ph.D., Laura Mosqueda, M.D.

Preventive Health Screenings for Woman with Disabilities at NCIL Conference, Washington, D.C. June 2002, with  Ann Musser D.O. and LeeAnne Carrothers PT, Ph.D.

Disability Forum, Healthy People 2010: Disability And Secondary Conditions at American Public Health Association (APHA) meetings. Atlanta, GA. October 2001

Disability & Health: Action Plans & Strategies for Keeping Our Bodies Out of the Shop at Women with Disabilities: Health Care Summit Strategies for Change, Iselin, New Jersey, Sponsored by NJ Developmental Disability Council, June 16, 2001

Bridging the Complaint Gap: Consumer - Provider Partnershipat Living with Disability: New Treatment Approaches for the Practioner, Cosponsored by Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers on Aging with Disability and Aging with Spinal Cord Injury, Chicago, Illinois. April 2001

Disability & Health  a System Advocacy Agenda or Keeping Your Body out of the Shop at Disability & Health: a Wellness Agenda Conference Sponsored by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living, Dearborn, Michigan. May 2000

Health, Wellness and Aging with Disability at:

American Society on Aging Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 2000

NCIL Conference, Washington, D.C. June 1999

Consumer health-plan decision making and health-plan accountability with Robyn Stone, Charlotte Ducan, Bob Kafka, Gina McDonald, Bobby Silverstein, Peter Thomas at Empowerment in Managed Health Care: People with Disabilities in a Changing Health Care Environment, Houston, TX, March 1998

First International Conference on Aging with Disability Living with Disability: Exploring The Aging Process, San Diego, California, February 1998

Spinal Bifida Association of America, Annual Conference, Louisville, KY. June 1997

NCIL Conference, Washington, D.C. June 1997

The Savvy Health Care Consumer, Your Life May Depend on It!

Our Future is Now! A Personal Perspective on Health at Aging and Cerebral Palsy: A Vision for the Future. Toronto, Canada. May 1996

Disability and Aging at University of California, Los Angeles. July 1996, February 1990

ARISE, Inc. 17th Annual Conference and Trade Show. Syracuse, NY. March 1996

Aging and Disability: Bridging the Gap! at Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Independent Living, Harrisburg, PA. October 1995

Conversation on Disability Issues 2: Secondary Conditions and Aging with a Disability, Syracuse, NY. September 1995:

Mid-Life Cripdom: Getting Fewer Miles per Gallon:

Developing a Health Promotion Advocacy Agenda and Strategies at National Conference on Independent Living 1995 Conference and Annual Meeting, Bethesda, MD. May 1995

American Society on Aging Annual Meeting The Age Games, Who Plays? Who Wins? Atlanta, GA. March 1995:

Turning 35 and Sometimes Feeling like 65! Aging with Disability - Where are we and what do we know?
Association of Independent Living Centers in New York Independent Living - Equal Opportunity: Fact or Fiction?, Albany, NY. November 1994

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Anaheim, CA. October 1994:

Turning 35, Feeling Like 65 - What's Happening with Aging With Disability? at National Council on Independent Living Annual Meeting, Bethesda, MD. April 1994

Meeting the Challenges of Aging with Disability:

American Society on Aging

Staying on Course, Aging With Disability at National Council on Disability's Conference for Families of People with Disabilities, Disability, A Family Affair, San Diego, CA. August 1989

The Economics of Effective Rehabilitation From the Consumer's Perspective and Implications of Disability Issues on Hospitals  at American Hospital Association's Rehabilitation Division Conference, Los Angeles, CA. November 1987

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