"We are tired of reacting to pain and stiffness rather than preventing them."

Kathleen Lankasky

In the past we didn't age, we just died! We are the first generation to live this long, so the question is not, "Will we live?" but "How well will we live?"

Most of us will live longer than we think and we have much to think about regarding what we can influence or change in terms of the quality of our aging years.

What's coming into sharp focus for many of us is that the changes brought about by regular aging (yet to be clearly defined) can play havoc with a person's ability to function.

Everyone says, "Exercise!" but no one is telling us how!

Do we retire when our bodies say stop, or when the financial picture says it is OK?
Are you prepared to let a medical gatekeeper know quickly and decisively just how valuable you are and why you should be allowed to have medical care; why you should be allowed to live?
When one spends a lifetime working to maximize and maintain independence, it can be threatening, frightening, even terrifying to think about using an assistive device for the first time or adding additional devices to an existing repertoire -- devices that still represent increased dependency and loss to society at large!

Health, Wellness and Aging with Disability

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1. Mid-life Cripdom: Getting Fewer Miles per Gallon?

Are We Wearing Out Faster Than Our Peers Without Disabilities?
What is the Issue?
Good News!
"You're Just Getting Older" Reflex Response
The Older You Get, the Longer You'll Live
Bad News!
Current State of Knowledge
Secondary Conditions
Tapping Reserves

2. Lots of New Questions

New Realities, New Concerns and New Questions!
Health Concerns
Exercise Concerns
Working and Maintaining Employment Concerns
Maintaining Functional Abilities Concerns
Research Questions
    Service Delivery, Cost Benefits
    General Research Questions
    Prevention Questions
    Nutritional Questions
    Information Transfer from Sports Medicine
    Public Policy Issues
People with Disabilities Must Play a Critical Role

3.  Urgent Advocacy Issues

Knowledge and Dissemination Gaps
Best Practice Guidelines and Models
Health Services, Screening, Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines
National Information and Dissemination Network
Experienced and Knowledgeable Providers
Health Care Rationing
Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance
Role of Independent Living Centers and Other Disability-related Organizations

4.   A Few Horror Stories

An Expensive Gatekeeper Mistake
A Savvy, Active Health Care Consumer
Being Informed and Speaking Up
McDonald's Medicine
Treatment for Bedsores Not Approved Because They Tend to Recur
Good Thing I'm Healthy, What if I Were Really Sick?

5. Using the Gear

Crip Symbol Hang-ups: Misguided Pride versus Freedom!
Tips for Weighing Whether You'll Use the Gear


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