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Health Focused Services and Selected Client List

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Services Include:

Health care employee and facility capacity building (on-site, on-phone and online consulting): 

 Providing model policies, procedures and process including:

Evaluating and enhancing communication access capacity (by providing content in methods that are understandable and usable by people with reduced or no ability to: see, hear, read, learn, move, speak, remember and understand. Offering health information in useable and understandable formats helps to reach people with a broad range of abilities, disabilities, ages, reading levels, learning styles, cultures, and native languages. It also promotes and improves health literacy.) Methods address:


Patient satisfaction surveys - infusing physical, communication and program access ccontent


Disability Literacy and Competency Training - curriculum development and delivery focused on:


Strenthening savvy health care consumer skill sets workshops for people with disabilities and activity limitations:

Selected Project descriptions and references available on request.

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Selected Client List: June has worked nationwide with a broad array of organizations, including:

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